Fiscal Policy

Fiscal Policy

Tax Policy. Support adequate and flexible funding of federal government programs through an equitable tax system that is progressive overall and that relies primarily on a broad-based income tax.

Federal Deficit. Promote responsible deficit policies.

Funding of Entitlements. Support a federal role in providing mandatory, universal, old-age, survivors, disability, and health insurance.

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Action Alerts

BREAKING NEWS! Petitions have been turned in and we got almost 2500 signatures in LWV Diablo Valley! Good work, everyone!

Martha Goralka, LWV Diablo Valley, with campaign sign
Blog Post

Thanks to a great team of petition circulators and speakers, in 2019 we returned 60+ petitions with  more than 500 signatures. I set our League goal at 1,000 signatures. We have almost 3 more months and I think we can reach this number.

Event Date: 
Mar 7 2020 - 9:00am to 11:00am
Event location: 


Public Invited--free of charge


Members and attendees were very enthusiastic about the Wheaton League’s October Civic Series program, “The Fair Tax, Funding Education and Pensions“.


The LWVCA supports tax levies and bond issues to implement policies for operations and improvements in the Cincinnati School District system.


The LWVCA supports criteria for Hamilton County-wide voted property tax levies.


Support of sound fiscal policies and practices for the City of Oxford.