LWVMN Positions

LWVMN Positions

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LWV Minnesota's Positions

LWV Minnesota, as part of LWV United States, automatically adopts all positions of the LWV United States. LWVMN's Program For Action provides an overview of the LWVUS positions alongside the state-specific positions LWVMN has adopted. 

LWVMN Summary of Positions     LWVMN Program for Action 2019-2021

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Selected LWVMN  Briefing Papers and Reports

 Briefing Papers on Voting Issues

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Briefing Papers on Other Issues


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Council of Metropolitana Area Leagues' Positions 

The Council of Metropolitan Area Leagues (CMAL) is an Inter-League Organization (ILO) made up of all local LWV members in the seven-county Twin Cities metropolitan area.

Metropolitan Council

Summary of all CMAL Possitions